Promoting Stewardship

The responsible overseeing and protection
of something considered worth
caring for and preserving.

Companies worth caring for

Egisly is built on a simple premise – that focusing on what we put in, is more powerful than focusing on what we take out. Too many companies have their priorities back to front, and that’s led to a breakdown in trust between employers and employees.

Ultimately a company is a collection of people,  and to be effective they have to be working together for a common purpose. When employees see the fruits of their labours benefiting a select few, it shouldn’t be surprising that productivity suffers.

The statistics show that wealth inequality is growing and that existing efforts to make businesses fairer and more representative are not working, or not working quickly enough.  Egisly was founded to find new ways of working together for our mutual benefit, and to promote Stewardship.

Oldham Coliseum Training Stage

Success ensues

We ask what makes Stewardship so powerful? By focusing on what we put in, we achieve radically different approaches and unexpected success ensues.

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Unanimous Consent

Unanimous Consent

Unanimous consent can be achieved when we build our Companies around a limited shared ethos, encouraging diversity without division.

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Rolling dice

Logarithmic Sortition

Interactive playground for understanding the weighted-random logarithmic algorithm used during the Sortition of Stewardship Councillors.

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99.9 %

The 51.6% of the UK’s wealth is held by the top 15% of households.

(The bottom 15% hold 0.04%)

99.9 %
Union Membership

Only 13.5% of private sector employees belong to a union.

(23.2% overall)

99.9 %

Only 10.6% of UK shares are held by individuals.

(53.7% are held outside the UK)


Most frequent questions and answers

Egisly is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, formed to promote greater Stewardship in business.  As a not-for-profit we ensure that all our resources and effort go towards that goal.  Egisly believes that when we focus on what we “put in”, rather than what we “take out”, everybody is better for it.

We believe that Companies are an important part of our society and our communities and that they need to be nurtured and cared for.  That also means that they need to be run in a way that earns that care.  Research shows that such approaches lead to increased productivity, greater emotional health and well-being and a fairer society overall. As the relationship between Companies and Society is increasingly breaking down it’s time to press reset and find a better way.

Egisly is built on the principle that the solution isn’t more ‘Ownership’ but more ‘Stewardship’. We believe that Companies shouldn’t be thought of as property, but as a group of people working with shared values and mission, and that they should be cared for and nurtured. Greater stewardship leads to greater productivity and a positive impact on employees and the communities they serve.

Egisly’s primary purpose is to propagate best practice to increase Stewardship.  To that end, we perform research and development to identify and create that best practice; and we ensure that we run ourselves in the same way.  That means we also look to serve our staff and community.  One way we do that is through providing community services, such as our Centre of Excellence.  We also work with companies to help them make positive changes in the way they work.

A Stewardship Trust is an innovative new form of Company Structure, based on an “Employee Ownership Trust”. The primary difference is that Stewardship Trusts do not emphasize Ownership, but the Stewardship of their employees. Stewardship Trusts are a great way to structure Companies to promote Stewardship, but not the only way. Egisly supports employees and owners to create and run Stewardship Trusts.

No! Egisly is not a political movement, we aren’t focussed on destroying but creating. We believe that when people are focused on what they “take out”, they are far less effective than when everyone focuses on what they “put in”. Ultimately, Egisly is dedicated to finding innovative solutions that help make Companies more inclusive and valued members of society.